The treatment of the kitchen as well !!!

Your kitchen is sick or not. Use your kitchen over many years can cause accumulation of sick without you knowing it. The kitchen is the beginning of the food you put into your body. Apart from the cleanliness should be aware of it. Electrical equipment that has been used for a long time, it could cause toxins. Appliances own lifetime. Although the device may not be destroyed or damaged. But the materials inside may be toxic emissions are released. The substances that are released may affect the brain. May feel pain and more pain when in the kitchen. May contribute to diseases that may follow in the long term. Both bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

This kitchen is designed by Dorte Brandt,

what to look out

– mildew and mold.

We clean the refrigerator, but it might have overlooked the water tray. Ice Box Drinking and potentially the formation of mold and moss. To directly affect the respiratory system. Symptoms may include swollen eyes, runny nose, and sore throat

– cleanser.

Floor Coating Spray deodorant and spray insect is volatile at high concentrations. Maybe left on the container And kitchen equipment, and cause allergies. Nose and throat irritation; Might remain in the bloodstream for a long time

– a very Aluminum cookware and coatings Teflon Ron.

Cookware that has been used for a long time. Or pan is scratched from Turner are many possible causes of the disease of Alzheimer’s. Since it is a heavy metal that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Brain and nervous system.

Designed by @liljencrantzdesign (Stockholm)



– Clean and inspect equipment regularly modified. Always open a window or exhaust fan in the kitchen to airy and ventilated damp

– Check the use of LPG. Check the color of the flame of a gas stove. The color of light is blue, not orange should regularly inspect pipes and valves – turn off the gas

– Microwave regularly check the condition always. If signs are damaged or expired already in use should be dropped now. Do not pity

– Clean the fridge as often as possible. It is a collection that you eat. The kitchen floor should not be wet or standing water

– use cleaning products, but few follow the instructions on the label. It is not that they are very, very clean. Avoid chemicals that contain ammonia

– Off insecticide spray in the kitchen. Clean kitchen Cleaning garbage and sewer water daily to prevent cockroaches and rats eat your food scraps.

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