Small kitchen can do more than you think.


The era change generation to live in condo or apartment for quick trip to work. With limited space in condo or apartment, we must take into consider the use of space for value and doet maximum benefit. Kitchen area was eliminated first to live in a small room. But whether you have a limited or restricted equipment to cooking there are many unlimited.

Small kitchen was also necessary to use cooking roughly. Only you have these can create menu variety Weekday morning rush you’re not boring anymore.

  1. Microwave Oven

You may do a simple meal in the morning from the microwave oven. We may do the toasting. Baking bread as toast, or perhaps even baking Cake Chocolate Lava with a stove in a simple and takes only 15 minutes.

  1. Electric stove.

You can boil the soup or porridge hot in the morning before work. To start the day with a power full. Or maybe make American breakfast? Eat egg with toast and coffee in the morning.

  1. Chopping boards and knives.

For breakfast, cut eat vegetables salad is a breakfast health. Or maybe a little twist to the salad tuna porridge with the dough sheet to increase energy is not bad.

  1. pots and pans

For breakfast, some may require high power. We may eat fried rice for breakfast from simple ingredients available in the refrigerator. Fried oyster meat a little. Soup made from steamed rice to eat at night and put the porridge in the morning. Or eat an egg dish with pork sauce drop eat it.

  1. Kitchen equipment

In a small kitchen space placement of these devices, it is important, should be placed close to the hand, SA ถหยิ too convenient to use. Work, we can use the skill mix soft, fluffy pancakes in the morning, weekday morning meal or holiday extremely bright.


  1. Hood

The hood is very necessary in a small kitchen can not smell the food. Make our rooms do not have the smell of the food pile up until the other parts of the room.

This device just as it can give you the creative menu. The food is not only the recipe or the face of food only. But there is also the matter of the management area in the kitchen. Odor management from around in the room. Hygiene of food fresh. The use of good quality, we choose. This small kitchen can do more than you think.

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